1. : to make known or understandable by revealing details.

    “Jẹ́ ká ṣàlàyé” (“Let us explain”)

  2. Slang: to talk extensively without being required to

    “Resist the urge to ṣàlàyé!”

Hi, I’m Tam.

On a January morning circa 2020, I started what would later be known as “Photo of the day by Tam”. 108 days later, I quit.

A lot changed in those 108 days:

  • I fell in love with documentary photography

  • Someone on Twitter gave me my first camera.

  • My photos began to gain a following in my school and on Instagram.

  • I developed text thumbs (because I was constantly editing on my phone).

  • I discovered that my crush (whom I had never spoken to) was a fan of my work. At first, I was excited, but then l I found out she saved my number as “Photo of the day by Tam”. "The cost of greatness", my friends said.

  • I hit burnout so intensely that I gave my camera away and seriously considered quitting photography.

See Photo of the day by Tam

I did not quit. Somewhere along the line, I fell back in love with photography, and though the money had little to do with it, I will admit when money entered, the love got sweeter.

You see, for most of my life, all I’ve been is a student. But since I’m losing the comfort of that identity soon, I’ve decided to grow up a bit—to grow into my identity as a writer and photographer.

I like to think that if my writing is a response to the question, “is speaking not enough for you?” then my photography is a response to the question, “if your eyes could speak, what would they say?”

There’s a lot I want to say, stories I want to document—about people, places, moments, the magnificence of amala, and the lies plantain lovers tell themselves. I figured I might as well do that through a newsletter—this one.

I’m on a journey to find my story in the midst of it all. I’d like you to come along.

Will you accept my invitation?

What to expect:

I‘m a social guy:

You can find me on:

Twitter @TamOlobio

Instagram @tamolobio

LinkedIn Tam Olobio

You might even find me offline

Hi, I’m Tam. Photo by Olumide Okusanya


Tam Olobio
Most days, I'm a photographer. Some days, I write poetry, and on other days I write the Ṣàlàyé Chronicles (of Tam Olobio)—a newsletter that documents my interactions with the world in photographs & writing